Thursday, 29 September 2016


          Simon worked in a cement plant, on the top of a hill.  There was an accident and he was crushed to death. It was 1972.  The cement plant has long closed down and another building now takes its place.

          Simon was lost in the woods.  No one knew he was out there.  He was found when a few friends went out hunting for lost souls.  Finally, he would not be alone anymore.  His presence was unknown to his host, with whom he stayed for a little over 10 years.

          Simon was an unusual spirit. He did understand he was dead, well that his body was dead, yet his soul was still very much alive. He did not like people in general.  He said " People think they know so much when they don't."  He was not there to bother his host, he just did not want to cross over.  He liked the dark and preferred to hide.  He did not want to control or inconvenience his host. He was not an evil entity, he just....was......

          Simon has now gone to the light.  When I showed him the White Light, he saw someone he knew, his grandmother.  "Can I go now?" he asked, and then he was gone.......

Rest in Peace Simon.

Angela Jeffreys
Certified Metaphysical Hypnotherapist

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Susan and Tony

          Love stories are not just for the movies, they happen in real life as well.  However, real life love stories do not always have happy endings as they do in the movies.  This was the case for Susan and Tony.

          Susan, a 16 year old Greek girl, met Tony, a 19 yr old Brit when his parents moved to Greece for his fathers work.  They met and instantly fell in love. After a year of courting, they decided to get married.  They were so happy and spent every moment they could together. The year was 1911.

          The wedding planning was in high gear.  All the details had to be perfect as both their families were well-to-do and were high society.  However, Susan and Tony's thoughts were not on the wedding.  They could care less about the wedding planning. They were more excited about the baby that was on the way.

          Susan and Tony decided to keep the baby a secret until after they were married.  The wedding was very close now anyway.  Tony had to go to sea for a couple weeks and the wedding would be held upon his return.

          The day Tony sailed, Susan was at the dock waving good-bye to him. She was wearing her best dress and the baby was well hidden.  Tony was blowing kisses to Susan and the baby and making heart shapes in the air, as the ship sailed into the fog.  He would be gone only a couple weeks and then they would be married.

          Something went wrong and the ship was blown up.  It was an accident, it was not supposed to happen.  It was a test that went very wrong.  The bomb was not supposed to hit the ship.  The entire ship and crew were lost.

          Susan was crying in disbelief.  She could not believe her beloved Tony was gone forever.  How would she survive without him?  What about their baby?  She was utterly devastated.

          Eventually news of the baby was made known.  Susan's family shunned her. When the baby was born, a baby girl, she was taken away from Susan and the child was raised by family. Her heart broke a second time. The child grew up completely unaware that Susan was her mother.

          Susan never found another love. She found life without Tony and her child unbearable.  Finally, at the age of 30, she could not stand the heart break any longer and she jumped off a bridge.  She died instantly.  Finally, she found peace.

Angela Jeffreys
Certified Metaphysical Hypnotherapist
This past life experience is shared with you with permission of Susan's current soul incarnation.

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This blog post may be shared as long as the writer is properly credited.


Sunday, 28 August 2016

Helen Marshall

     When I first met Helen Marshall, she was hiding in a barn.  She knew she wasn't supposed to be there, yet she also knew no one would care.  Her dearest friend Angele, was in the barn too.  Sadly, Angele was hanging from a beam in the ceiling.

     Helen told me how no one wanted her around, she always gets in the way. Everyone thought she was stupid.  The more I got to know Helen, I learned just how smart she really was.  She was also very intuitive and could see spirits.  Helen was a cute 12 year old with pigtails.  She was wearing a puritan style pinafore and a pointed hat.  Helen was also physically deformed and mentally delayed. The year was 1532.

     Angele, the one hanging from the barn rafters, was kind to Helen. She was the only person that was.  Angele took the time to teach Helen how to milk the cows and how to stay out of the way. Angele worked in the barn, doing various jobs and it turned out the farm manager had a liking for Angele. Angele also protected Helen from the farm hand aka the "bad man".

     Helen's presence in the barn was finally discovered.  The shouting and ringing bells overwhelmed Helen.  The "bad man"  was the one who found her.  Helen was taken to the community school which also served at the court house.  Helen was questioned about Angele.  What kind of person was she? Why did she hang herself?  Helen refused to answer their questions.  She knew they would not listen to her anyway. They didn't know yet that Angele was pregnant. She knew they would not believe the truth.  It was best to let them think Angele hung herself because she was pregnant and unmarried.

     I see Helen again when she is older. She is giggling.  "Helen, why are you giggling?" I ask. "Because I know the truth of what happened to Angele" she says.    She tells me that the "bad man" is the father of Angele's baby.   The farm manager discovered Angele was pregnant and he was the one that hung her.

     Helen no longer works in the barn and the "bad man" has died.  He died from drinking too much, but he is still in the barn.  He never left.  Then Helen told me that Angele is still her friend, that she comes to visit her. Angele told her that everything is okay now.

     The last time I see Helen, it is her last day.  She is quite ill and is dying.  Her congenital disease caught up with her.  She is coughing and she is having trouble breathing.  However she has not lost her sense of humour.  She tells me her Aunt Madeline is there with her and she smells like cat pee.

Angela Jeffreys,
Certified Metaphysical Hypnotherapist
This past life experience is shared with you with permission of Helen's current soul incarnation.

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This blog post may be shared as long as the writer is properly credited.