Thursday, 29 September 2016


          Simon worked in a cement plant, on the top of a hill.  There was an accident and he was crushed to death. It was 1972.  The cement plant has long closed down and another building now takes its place.

          Simon was lost in the woods.  No one knew he was out there.  He was found when a few friends went out hunting for lost souls.  Finally, he would not be alone anymore.  His presence was unknown to his host, with whom he stayed for a little over 10 years.

          Simon was an unusual spirit. He did understand he was dead, well that his body was dead, yet his soul was still very much alive. He did not like people in general.  He said " People think they know so much when they don't."  He was not there to bother his host, he just did not want to cross over.  He liked the dark and preferred to hide.  He did not want to control or inconvenience his host. He was not an evil entity, he just....was......

          Simon has now gone to the light.  When I showed him the White Light, he saw someone he knew, his grandmother.  "Can I go now?" he asked, and then he was gone.......

Rest in Peace Simon.

Angela Jeffreys
Certified Metaphysical Hypnotherapist

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